It’s very important to listen carefully!

I was initially presented a client seeking technical help to perform regular recovery tests in their completely virtualized environment. And a complex environment to say the least with many different very specific CRMs using different databases. Being cautious, I wanted to make sure to meet the client’s expectation before scheduling any professional services. The conversation rapidly turned to business continuity, recovery point and time objectives and not at all around technical help to perform recovery tests.

Taking a step back, we agreed to meet to overlook and understand their business continuity needs and challenges. During the meeting, the conversation widened even more and we discovered that the agility and simplicity allowed by virtualization allowed internal shadow IT to emerge. Business lines were bypassing the IT director and were having the network administrators set up new servers with reserved CPU, memory and storage faster than ever to the point where it was hard to keep track of what was being setup where for what purpose. The conversation was leaning further away from backup & recovery. Or was it? I listened on very carefully.


Suddenly the fog seemed to lift. What applications needed to be recovered in what time? What was the order of priority? What were the dependencies between applications and the services they needed to function? What services needed to be back on line for which applications? Where was the data for every applications? All of this in an environment that was growing very complex. They needed help building their disaster recovery plan. Or did they? I listened on very carefully.

We then learned they already had a remote site, they had already purchased a complete recovery infrastructure, they were to move everything into their new data center and keep the current systems they were operating as their failover site. In short, they had a well thought out disaster recovery plan.

What they needed was someone that was listening carefully and who understood that they were really looking for an experienced team of extra bodies to help them setup the new data center, move the data and applications, test the environment while their own team continued to manage and operate the corporate infrastructure not consultation services for a disaster recovery plan they already had nor technical assistance for tests.

Charles Tremblay, ESI Account manager

Advisory from Nutanix – Potential data integrity issue

The manufacturer Nutanix sent a notice to its integration partners to inform Nutanix customers of a possible problem with their data integrity. This advisory affects NOS version 4.0.3 and later and is applicable only to customers that have met all the criteria below:

  1. On disk deduplication is enabled
  2. Using: Nutanix Protection Domains (all Hypervisors) orVAAI plugin (applies only to VMware ESXi Hypervisor)
  3. Using NOS 4.0.3 or higher

If you are a Nutanix user, it is important that you verify if your environment is affected by this advisory.


Customers should avoid the configurations that are susceptible to this issue. Please contact your ESI representative if you wish to validate with one of our experts.

An update to this field advisory update will be sent on March 11th with details of the NOS release that will resolve this issue.

Telepresence: the all too often underestimated or overlooked investment





For a second time in the last couple of weeks, I was sitting in one of my client’s many small conference rooms equipped with telepresence. I found myself participating in a solutions meeting with his team members located in four different cities. And there we were, holding a meeting as if everyone was around the table being able to appreciate everyone’s body language. How quickly we all forgot we were not in the same room because it felt as though we were.

This is when it dawned on me that telepresence is underestimated. To get that feeling of truly being on the same page with everyone is priceless especially when you are engaging on client’s strategic projects that will have an impact on the way their team operates and performs. I strive to work in harmony with client’s values and corporate culture. Being in the presence of the client’s team made me understand why this client was so successful in their industry: civil engineering. They also need to be as close as possible to their own clients and partners working on remote construction sites all over the world.

It is only afterwards that I learned that the telepresence they had was purposely built for them by a business partner of ours. Having witnessed firsthand the effectiveness of telepresence as a way to bring together teams of people, I will no longer think of telepresence as something that’s only a hype or a cool thing to have. It can be a game changer for many businesses!

Charles Tremblay, ESI account manager