A new day is dawning for the Montreal Children’s Hospital

MCH logoI am a strong supporter of children’s health. I believe we have a duty to protect our children because they are the foundation of the future of our society. This is why I have been an active member of the Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation Board for the last 8 years, and the Board’s Chair for the last 4 years. One of our biggest achievements is without a doubt, to have contributed to the fundraising efforts to build a new world class hospital bringing closer together care, research and teaching. This dream has finally become a reality on May 24th, 2015 when the staff, professionals and patients of the Montreal Children’s Hospital moved to their new address on the Glen site of the McGill University Health Centre.
Among the benefits of the new hospital we find:

  • World-class pediatric care installations
  • 154 individual rooms to prevent the spread of infections and provide care at the patient’s bedside
  • The latest equipment and technologies to diagnose quickly and treat less invasively
  • Holistic approach focused on healing and playing to ensure children’s development and reduce the stress of the hospital stay
  • Intensive care tailored for the specific needs of young patients

I believe that supporting philanthropic initiatives anchors a company and its employees in their community, which is why, as a long-time member of the Children’s Foundation, I am particularly proud of ESI’s contribution and our truly positive impact in our community. As an entrepreneur, I believe that creating a culture of giving is about making a positive impact through our actions, and the new Montreal Children’s Hospital is just a perfect example of this.

Greg Rokos, President of ESI
Chairman of the Board, Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation

IT or business needs?

I found myself recently in conversation with the General Manager of a small size but rapidly growing business. He mentioned three key objectives. First, growth in revenue. Second, being a consulting services-based business, key information being scattered on employee laptops – the company wants to make sure it “owns” the information and third, they have plans of bringing to market a new web-based software application for their clients.

Business needsWho is responsible for the revenue growth? Are they pursuing new business growth or growth in their current client base? How can, or does the company track the efforts and the steps taken by their team to make sure everyone’s pulling in the right direction to reach their growth target? The conversation then directed itself to sales processes and CRMs. What key information was held by their consultants, should be archived, if so, for how long and where? We proceeded onto data storage, archiving, secure access to the network for their consultants, data loss protection, electronic document management solutions etc. Finally, we asked ourselves where should their new web application reside? Cloud or not? Private, public or hybrid? On-premise or off-site? In the case where they should consider a cloud service provider, what should their SLAs be and if not satisfied, what should be their exit strategy?
IT solutions are not to be confused with business needs and corporate objectives! We left off with me having a better understanding of their corporate objectives and what I could do to help them attain them. On their side, they walked away with a much better understanding of which IT solutions were the most susceptible the help them reach their goals.

Charles Tremblay, ESI Account Manager