Next-Generation Network Architecture

Client: Large-scale Canadian corporation

This 350-employee company was at the end of a contractual agreement for the WAN services for its 40 corporate sites in Canada and the United States. The initial game plan was to issue a call for tenders to select a supplier that could support them in upgrading their telecommunications infrastructure.

The ultimate goal was to establish a next-generation network architecture to ensure efficient communications and business development.


The majority of the client’s business relies on a stable communication infrastructure that ensures the high quality of service delivered to customers. The cost reduction associated with an architecture previously determined with the help of the ESI team contributed to the success of this major project.


  • Renew WAN agreements
  • Increase capacity and reliability of network infrastructure
  • Provide ongoing communication to avoid delays at various stages of cross-border services
  • Improve the company’s security environment

Our Contribution

Based on a leading WAN architecture, ESI participated in the selection of the supplier that met the strict criteria dictated by a well-defined technological positioning and met the organization’s business needs. Following the selection of the supplier, ESI was mandated to propose the final network architecture.
ESI consultants were involved in the selection of networking and firewalls. The integration of all components and the migration of the sites to the new solution were managed by the ESI team. Once the solution was deployed, an ESI technical resource was proposed to support the new telecommunications environment. This resource acts as a network expert at the customer’s site.

The proposed solution provides increased protection of critical services in the event of a service outage of the WAN service providers. The automated redundancy mechanisms and diversity proposed by ESI ensure business continuity and therefore provide a disaster recovery strategy.

  • Assistance during the bidding process to select a WAN provider
  • New WAN architecture
  • Integration and deployment of solutions
  • On-site post-implementation technical support
  • Support the client with the analysis of the responses and the detailed architecture of a new generation network meeting specific criteria


Network & Perimeter Protection
Backup / Recovery Strategy
Internetworking Solutions
Advisory Services


Improved corporate efficiency Improved post-setup network support intervention Next-gen architecture and detailed migration plan for sustained growth High availability for customers and services