VMware Cloud on AWS Total Cost of Ownership

An analysis for SAP Landscapes

The Real TCO of SAP Workloads on VMware Cloud on AWS


This whitepaper from our affiliated company Civatree discusses how moving SAP workloads to VMware Cloud on AWS can lower significantly the TCO, the crucial operational points to consider for a successful cloud-based implementation as well as present the many features VMware provides for contributing to the reduction of TCO.


Delivering value-added virtualization services to Fortune 100-500 companies, Civatree has been laser-focused on virtualization of SAP on VMware since the company’s inception, including associated advisory workshops, planning and design of the infrastructure, database and SAP migration efforts. Civatree is VMware’s partner of choice for virtualization of SAP. Civatree is also partnering with VMware to offer hybrid cloud solutions by using VMware Cloud on AWS.

What will you find in this eBook?

Total Cost of Ownership


Discover what is the TCO of running SAP on VMware Cloud on AWS and how to succeed in your implementation.

VMware can influence your TCO


Learn how VMware Cloud can reduce your TCO.

Migrating your SAP Workloads


Find out what factors to consider to successfully migrate your SAP workloads to VMware Cloud on AWS.