ESI Technologies announces the acquisition of Civatree

Montréal, Québec, June 14, 2018 – ESI Information Technologies today announced the acquisition of Civatree Technologies, a leading provider throughout North America of services and solutions for SAP virtualization, migration and automation.

“Civatree’s expertise and experience deliver business outcomes to clients looking for cost-effectiveness for their SAP environment. Civatree adds value to ESI’s purpose to manage, protect and transform data. This addition to ESI’s portfolio brings a new value to our current expertise, while enabling us to offer our services to new customers across Canada and the US.” said Greg Rokos, President and CEO, ESI Technologies. “We are very excited about the new opportunities that this acquisition brings to both Civatree and ESI and are confident that adding Civatree’s expertise in SAP on VMware will complement our current service offering.”

“ESI’s acquisition will allow Civatree to expand its services to SAP clients including our cloud offerings”, stated Richard Lichtenstein, President, Civatree Technologies. “We look forward being part of the ESI family and their long term legacy of driving client solution excellence.”

About Civatree Technologies

Delivering value-added virtualization services to Fortune 100-500 companies, Civatree has been laser-focused on virtualization of SAP on VMware since the company’s inception, including associated advisory workshops, planning and design of the infrastructure, database and SAP migration efforts. Civatree is VMware’s partner of choice for virtualization of SAP. Civatree is also partnering with VMware to offer hybrid cloud solutions by using VMware Cloud on AWS. To learn more about Civatree, visit

About ESI Information Technologies

ESI Technologies helps accelerate businesses by connecting the critical areas of data transformation into knowledge. ESI’s mission is to provide innovative and quality solutions to manage, protect and transform the data generated by its customers activities. ESI offers cutting-edge technology expertise and a deep understanding of business challenges to gain real value from data volumes to make them a tangible competitive advantage in an ever-changing market. Based in Montréal, ESI also has offices in Québec City and Toronto.