COVID-19: Update on the Current Situation

In the current context of the COVID-19 pandemic, ESI’s corporate values, established 25 years ago by our president Greg Rokos, now take on their full meaning. These values of collaboration, respect and passion dictate our actions in order to put all our efforts into ensuring the business continuity of our clients, our business partners and our internal collaborators and their families who are so important in orchestrating the entire process. Our thoughts are with the people impacted by this pandemic and rest assured that we are collaborating with the authorities in the management of this coronavirus.

As a leading IT solutions partner for businesses and government agencies, our DNA and our mission to manage, protect and transform our customers’ critical data has always been at the heart of our business. Secure access to our clients’ systems, applications and information, no matter where they are located, takes on added significance in times of unexpected challenges such as the current one.

We are closely monitoring the situation regarding COVID-19. We are taking all necessary measures to protect the health and safety of our clients, business partners and ESI team members and their families. The following measures are in place to continue our operations as efficiently as possible during this pandemic situation.




  • – All of our services remain available and we are able to assist you during this pandemic situation;


  • – Our technical support center remains available to meet your needs;


  • – All of our professionals have the technological tools necessary to perform the majority of tasks remotely according to your company’s policies and the directives of government authorities;


  • – If you have any concerns about implementing remote access, security or IT management solutions, we are here to help;


  • – Despite the inconveniences in managing meetings, we do not foresee any slowdown in the consulting services offered to our clients. Our team possesses the collaborative tools to work remotely and make them available to you in the course of their duties;


  • – All meetings requiring professional travel by air or train are postponed to a later date or must be conducted using technological means such as conference calls, videoconferences or any other collaborative tool allowing the secure sharing of information;


  • – Should we have to close our offices, we will still be able to ensure business continuity and serve you through the use of the technologies we use daily, even before the arrival of COVID-19;


  • – Our tools, data management and cyber security systems are under increased scrutiny and we ensure continuity of service.


ESI Team Members



  • – All ESI team members are able to work remotely with high-performance and secure technological tools;


  • – All of our meetings and events involving groups of 20 or more people have been cancelled or postponed to a later date;


  • – We favour the use of conference calls, videoconferencing and collaboration tools in order to respond to the recommendations of government authorities to limit the number of people in groups;


  • – We communicate and assess the situation on a daily basis with ESI team members;


  • – We have suspended business travel;


  • – We give priority to working from home and monitor team members’ return to work:


      • – following leaves and personal travel abroad, to manage risks, a 14-day quarantine is required;


      • – being in close contact with a frail person (65 years of age or older, immunocompromised or with an underlying condition);


      • – for parents with preschool and school-age children;


  • – We recommend that increased hygiene measures continue to be applied:


      • – frequent hand washing with soap and water for at least 20 seconds;


      • – avoid touching your face;


      • – cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when sneezing, then wash your hands;


      • – Avoid close contact with others, especially people with cold, flu, fever or COVID-19 symptoms.


You can contact the service centre team by calling toll-free at 1-800-401-TECH (8324) or by e-mail at You can also contact us toll-free at 1-800-260-3311 or You can also contact your account manager at any time.


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