Data loss prevention – a business challenge

Confidential, intellectual and sensitive data are the core of businesses. Some organizations have to comply to conformity regulations with their data and must find solutions to better manage their usage. Data loss, whether intentional or accidental, can have disastrous impacts and are becoming more frequent with the massive use of email, public storage solutions like Dropbox or even a simple USB key.

Some statistics:


  • 64% of business data is lost intentionally
  • 50% of employees leave with corporate data
  • 35% of data loss is due to negligence
  • 29% of data loss is due to system glitches
  • The loss of a single data costs an average of $200

By implementing a document management policy that rests on protection practices inspired by established norms, and by introducing a proven DLP solution, organizations can block undesirable data transfer, warn users and organization of the failed attempts and ensure data encryption when necessary.

You have obligations: you must protect confidential data which you are responsible. And… warn the authorities in case of loss!


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