Give Me Your Backups!

Backing up data is at the heart of all business activities. However, the legislation in force in the different countries where companies are in business requires to respect strict governance rules in order to comply with the agencies regulating the markets and ensuring the probity of the companies and their activities. A client was visited by anti-corruption inspectors who requisitioned its backups for several months. Why so long? The nature of the methodology used by the client for its backups made searching for information difficult for the inspectors, preventing them from returning copies to the client… In order to mitigate this situation for the future, the client decided to obtain an archiving solution to not only comply with the law, but above all to recover its data within a reasonable time.

Businesses require increasingly archiving solutions to enforce governance regulations. Companies are obliged to cooperate with the authorities and answer of their actions at all times. That’s what the compliance archiving solution provides. It is characterized by the ability to conduct legal research through the history of emails, attachments and files of the company. It also provides a methodology to protect relevant data on legal hold and easily export that information for the people requesting it.

The cost of inaccessibility to the company’s backups, the time required to retrieve the data, perform a search of suspicious documents and start the process over for the next time, is much more expensive than having a compliance archiving system that will perform the same task in minutes instead of hours or even days or weeks. The value added math is simple for organizations.

Assess your backup processes


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