Business Continuity Solutions

Enabling employees to work remotely and effectively when the time comes, maintain productivity, increase connectivity and provide for continuous secure access to applications regardless of the endpoint are key to face the challenges ahead. ESI can help you plan your IT to meet the new demands of better business continuity and remote workers through its consultative approach.

Remote Workforce Enablement

ESI can help you quickly and effectively stand-up or extend your remote workforce enablement. Our team is available to deploy an interim secure access solution to respond to emergency situations in as quickly as 5 days and have you up and running with suitable and highly secure solutions to access your most critical applications.

Service Overview

Express assessment & requirements gathering to address critical use cases

Depending on the requirements, deploy the foundational solution:

  • Horizon Cloud on Azure: VPN to Azure from customer’s colocation or on-premises data centre


  • Horizon 7 on VMC for AWS: VPN to AWS from customer’s colocation or on-premises data centre


  • Installation and/or expansion of existing data centre based on VMware Horizon virtual desktop on existing repurposed infrastructure resources hosting non-critical workloads
What is included
  • One master/golden VDI for deployment of persistent desktop to users
  • Integration of 3 to 5 critical applications into desktop image
  • Basic user customization and application settings persistence if applicable
  • Secure remote access from managed and unmanaged/employed-owned Windows and Mac PCs/laptops, tablets and mobile phones
  • Test and validate solution
Tips for improving videoconferencing while teleworking

The culture of teleworking is new to many companies. New working habits are needed, both for employers who need to provide their teams with collaboration tools , and for employees who need to learn how to use them properly. Here are a few tips based on practical experience gained in the last few weeks during which teleworking has become the norm.

In a globally connected economy, it’s hard to fully quantify the impact of one weak link in the supply chain. How do you effectively protect your organization from this weak link?

Scale-Up Capacity

Provide elasticity to scale-up capacity & cloud performance

Security Solutions

Protect all endpoints using IAM and other cyber security solutions

End-User Computing

Enable end-user compute on any endpoint using the best EUC solutions

Managed Services

Manage and maintain a customer infrastructure through managed services