Financial Services


  • Emerging competitors threaten revenue growth
  • Marketing more focused on the 360view of its client to increase loyalty
  • Better use of data to personalize the services offered
  • Process optimization to reduce costs


  • Consulting services for data center infrastructure modernization
  • Implementation of orchestration & automation solutions in a DevOps environment
  • Securing of remote operations of two entities with different business practices to minimize required IT changes
of financial institutions will increase efforts to innovate
of large financial institutions are investing in artificial intelligence
InsurTech start-ups attract three times more investments than traditional insurers
of insurers fear losing part of their business to InsurTech start-ups



  • Need to obtain real-time information on network status for better flow
  • Employee and passenger safety
  • Better tracking of energy consumption to control costs
  • Investment required to upgrade infrastructure to accommodate ever-increasing traffic


  • Deployment & commissioning of an endpoint encryption solution
  • Placement of specialized data center resources
  • Design, architecture & implementation of an automated recovery solution for critical services

$40 billion

IoT spending in transportation and logistics by 2020

146.09 million

number of LPWA connections for road traffic management by 2024

Media & Service Providers


  • Creation and management of masses of data for content production
  • Need to adapt offer to new platforms
  • Protection of intellectual property
  • Comment management and responsiveness to social media publications


  • Design & upgrade of network and security infrastructure
  • Architecture & migration of the backup and storage infrastructure in an heterogeneous environment
  • Information resources master plan for a service provider in the health sector
  • Business continuity for disaster recovery planning
  • CIO on demand services

490 million

digital video users by 2021

of internet users use Netflix in Canada

Energy & Utilities


  • Very high level of regulation
  • Need to modernize infrastructures to take account of connected objects
  • Very high security requirements for physical facilities and data centers (choice target of cyber attacks)
  • Revision of the existing business model to further consolidate
  • Ability to analyze massive amounts of data from more smart meter deployments in order to predict an curb energy consumption


  • Architecture & deployment of high availability and large capacity backup & storage solutions
  • Commissioning of cloud secured backup services

$26.5 billion USD

global IoT value in the energy market by 2023

$60 trillion

global investement in IoT over the next 15 years

global energy demand increase by 2040

$157 billion

estimated savings through the use of IoT devices by 2035

Government & Education


  • Multiplication of smart devices in a professional and academic setting
  • Rapid and necessary adoption of new technologies and changes in clientele
  • Development of services and products available as self-service
  • Upgrading of infrastructures to support new technologies


  • Implementation of on-demand storage & backup cloud services
  • Development of an SSO architecture for 20,000 international users
  • Feasability study for consolidating production processing centres
  • Business analysis for disaster recovery planning
  • IT strategic planning
  • Diagnosis on level of readiness for process implementation
  • Technological, business and processes orientation and planning

$252 billion

spending in EdTech by 2020

of US government workforce potentially replaced by artificial intelligence by 2024

$41 trillion

spending from cities around the world on smart tech over the next 20 years