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For over 25 years, our success has been based on a dynamic, competent team and our ability to adapt to ever-changing market conditions.
We will provide you with a talent development structure tailored to your needs, sound advice and coaching to help you develop your full potential through:

  • A career plan including your professional goals and the steps to follow to reach them
  • A basic training plan offered to all our employees
  • Evaluation and performance criteria focused on training

What ESI has to offer

Strong Corporate Culture

A balance between professional and personal life
Flexibility and agility are at the heart of our managers' concerns to allow you to develop professionally without neglecting your private life. Whether for family or personal reasons or to return to school, ESI is there to help you!

Lively Social Life

Opportunities to socialize
Work is essential, but having fun while working is even better! ESI has a creative and engaging social club that organizes unifying events giving you the opportunity to socialize with your colleagues and develop even more team spirit!

Exciting Projects

Achievements you will be proud of
ESI works with prestigious clients, offering varied and challenging projects. Our clients’ requirements and trust stimulate us to be constantly at the forefront of technology and always more innovative.

Leading Edge Technologies

The best technology at your disposal
Our labs give you the opportunity to develop new skills, test solutions and help to prepare for your assignments.

Career Plan

ESI accelerates your career
An experienced and skilled team is ESI’s greatest asset. We support you in the development of your expertise through a career plan and regular training.

"I started my career at ESI in 2019 in the position of Sales Assistant. Over time, I have gained more responsibility and am now responsible for the renewals desk and the bidding desk, as well as helping with event coordination with the marketing team. I enjoy the fact that my tasks require autonomy while allowing me to maintain relationships with my colleagues and our clients. Thanks to ESI, I have greatly improved my English, developed my customer service skills and mastered several digital tools. I appreciate the corporate culture at ESI which promotes teamwork and work-life balance, a lot of socialization between colleagues and leaders who trust and value the work of their employees. I have learned a lot in the past 2 years and I am grateful to ESI for the opportunities I have been given to advance my career!"

“I first came to know ESI as a client during my employment with a large public organization. In April 2018, I chose ESI to develop a greater sense of belonging and impact on common goals. I also felt that ESI was a dynamic company with big plans for me, and I was not wrong! Hired as a Senior Consultant for NetApp products, my role has evolved and in addition to meeting with customers and carrying out solution design mandates, I am also involved in creating technical content for our many events. My tasks and mandates are diverse, which is very stimulating! I have learned how to get involved in the technology consulting environment and to develop my customer relations skills. ESI's management encourages the development of its employees and gives us the latitude to navigate through our tasks, while paying attention to our needs and professional goals.”

"I started my career at ESI as a Consultant and Technology Architect in 2010. The mandates at ESI are diversified, so I've been able to touch on various technologies, which has allowed me to keep my generalist side and stay up-to-date at the same time - the best of both worlds! In my current position, I manage the cloud practice and the associated team, meet with clients, write service offerings, and handle relationships with our partners. Helping others develop their skills, supporting them and guiding them in their career path is one of the most rewarding aspects of my job. The team spirit, accessibility and ease of communication between colleagues is a strong point in the company's culture. Despite working remotely, the communication and integration of our various offices is very good, as our technological tools bring us closer together even though we don't live in the same city or province. There is a great sense of family at ESI. This feeling is as much with the senior management team as it is among colleagues. We feel comfortable sharing our opinions and ideas. It's a dynamic that I try to replicate within my own team."

"When I joined ESI in December 2018, I didn't know much about the technology industry, and it was a field I wanted to learn about. When I first started, I was a Project Coordinator in the Quebec City office, and I was mainly involved in placements. I began to manage cybersecurity projects and I also handle the implementation activities of clients who subscribe to our managed cybersecurity services (SOC). The next step will be to send me on client engagements! What I like most about my role is the variety: context, deadlines and objectives in the various projects. I always have new challenges to face. I also feel like I have more decision-making power and broader relationships than in a large company. What I appreciate most at ESI is the family and human culture and the close relationship between employees, fostered by a social club that organizes activities to strengthen our team cohesion. I feel valued and appreciated. I have the opportunity to do all sorts of things, to grow and pursue my goals and career plans with the help of my superiors and colleagues!"

"I started at ESI as a junior technician and was quickly assigned to a major data protection project where I joined a team of ESI specialists.I had no experience in the field of data protection, but I was supported by my ESI colleagues who transferred their knowledge and expertise. ESI also has a lab at our disposal so we can continually improve our expertise in a rapidly evolving field.It is thanks to the company's culture of mentoring and the skills of its professional services that today, 6 years later, I now am a senior data protection specialist, and that it is now my turn to pass on my expertise to new ESI employees."

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Knowledge & Career Incubator


Our team of experts masters a set of field-tested techniques and has the expertise that allows them to excel in their daily tasks for our clients.

Soft skills

Over time, the ESI team has adopted behaviors and adapted them to specific situations by cultivating the proactive listening of clients in order to truly meet their needs.


We never stop learning. ESI understands this. ESI promotes continuous learning of new techniques, new concepts and better behaviors to adopt in order to increase our knowledge in our various fields of expertise.

As a Knowledge & Career Incubator, ESI is proud to contribute to the professional development of its employees by investing continuously in training, coaching and mentorship to help them grow!

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