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For over 25 years, our success has been based on a dynamic, competent team and our ability to adapt to ever-changing market conditions.
We will provide you with a talent development structure tailored to your needs, sound advice and coaching to help you develop your full potential through:

  • A career plan including your professional goals and the steps to follow to reach them
  • A basic training plan offered to all our employees
  • Evaluation and performance criteria focused on training

What ESI has to offer

Strong Corporate Culture

A balance between professional and personal life
Flexibility and agility are at the heart of our managers' concerns to allow you to develop professionally without neglecting your private life. Whether for family or personal reasons or to return to school, ESI is there to help you!

Lively Social Life

Opportunities to socialize
Work is essential, but having fun while working is even better! ESI has a creative and engaging social club that organizes unifying events giving you the opportunity to socialize with your colleagues and develop even more team spirit!

Exciting Projects

Achievements you will be proud of
ESI works with prestigious clients, offering varied and challenging projects. Our clients’ requirements and trust stimulate us to be constantly at the forefront of technology and always more innovative.

Leading Edge Technologies

The best technology at your disposal
Our labs give you the opportunity to develop new skills, test solutions and help to prepare for your assignments.

Career Plan

ESI accelerates your career
An experienced and skilled team is ESI’s greatest asset. We support you in the development of your expertise through a career plan and regular training.

Knowledge & Career Incubator


Our team of experts masters a set of field-tested techniques and has the expertise that allows them to excel in their daily tasks for our clients.

Soft skills

Over time, the ESI team has adopted behaviors and adapted them to specific situations by cultivating the proactive listening of clients in order to truly meet their needs.


We never stop learning. ESI understands this. ESI promotes continuous learning of new techniques, new concepts and better behaviors to adopt in order to increase our knowledge in our various fields of expertise.

As a Knowledge & Career Incubator, ESI is proud to contribute to the professional development of its employees by investing continuously in training, coaching and mentorship to help them grow!

"I was hired at ESI in 2011 as a receptionist and a few months later I joined the accounting team, where I worked for almost 4 years. During this period, I learned a lot about the progress of projects and the activities of the ESI specialists, and this knowledge still serves me today as a project coordinator. My experience at ESI has taught me a lot professionally and has made me evolve in an unexpected direction, where I continue to develop my skills. Thank you to ESI for this opportunity! "

"I started at ESI as a junior technician and was quickly assigned to a major data protection project where I joined a team of ESI specialists.I had no experience in the field of data protection, but I was supported by my ESI colleagues who transferred their knowledge and expertise. ESI also has a lab at our disposal so we can continually improve our expertise in a rapidly evolving field.It is thanks to the company's culture of mentoring and the skills of its professional services that today, 6 years later, I now am a senior data protection specialist, and that it is now my turn to pass on my expertise to new ESI employees."

“After a few months of retirement, I felt the need to return to my professional activities while maintaining a flexible schedule. ESI greated me in a young, dynamic team close to its employees. I can practice in my area of expertise on varied mandates while being supported by ESI specialists as needed. ESI offers me the perfect balance between personal and professional life!”

"I worked as a security expert at ESI for more than 7 years, and during this very formative period, I had the opportunity to develop my professional knowledge in order to evolve as a security engineer. I enjoyed the inspiring atmosphere, the team spirit and the professional development opportunities that were given to me. It is thanks to ESI Technologies if I now hold a position at one of the leading manufacturers of security solutions, and I am very grateful to them! "

"After 12 years in IT operations, I had the opportunity and the chance to join ESI Technologies. At first, it might seem risky to move from an operations role in a company with more than 20,000 employees to a sales role in a company of 200 people. I spent more than 5 beautiful years developing both my technical knowledge and sales skills in order to become an accomplished pre-sales technical specialist. ESI has given me the opportunity to use my experience in developing complex and large-scale solutions. Thanks to these new achievements, I was able to enter the world of manufacturers with confidence and competence. "

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