Securing Your Data

The security market is constantly evolving to adapt to the creativity of cybercriminals. With the proliferation of connected objects, accessibility anywhere anytime, transactional sites, the use of personal devices and smartphones at work, companies must constantly be on the lookout to protect their assets, avoid data loss, and preserve their reputation. All in all mitigate the risks to their business.


  • IT teams lack security specialists who keep pace with evolving IT threats
  • Several malware target users to infect infrastructure and cause significant damage
  • Due to lack of time and knowledge, several known vulnerabilities are not corrected

Take the necessary measures to protect yourself

Who can claim to control everything that happens on their network? It is a heavy and tedious task that consumes a lot of energy. Having visibility into what is happening, by collecting and analyzing event logs, is a crucial and proactive step towards improving responsiveness.


  • Lack of specialized security resources
  • No visibility on events on the network
  • Loss of data undetected
  • Log collection is neglected because too tedious


    • Team of security experts available 24/7
    • Reduced impacts and frequency of incidents
    • Proactivity against threats

29 % of data loss is caused by system failures

78 % of CTOs are concerned about their ability to detect intrusions

Evaluate your Security Posture

How ESI can help

  • Network and system monitoring consulting services keeping an eye on everything that happens in your environment.
  • Implementation of a cloud-based video search and alert monitoring system in your environment.
  • Consulting services of experienced security analysts who carry out a technological watch of their sector of activity.
  • Security and cybersecurity management.

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The techniques used by hackers are constantly evolving and involve more advanced and sophisticated methods of attack, which bring security measures to unprecedented levels. The penetration test is one of the most effective ways to test a security perimeter.


  • Security policies in place are not always known or respected
  • Firmware and OS updates are often overlooked
  • Staff makes changes to the environment regularly – potential issue of creating gaps


  • Identify systems and application weaknesses and where investments are required
  • Employee awareness
  • Maintain or gain the trust of partners and customers
  • Promote a proactive attitude towards security

99.7 % of new applications in 2016 had at least 1 vulnerability

52 % of security breaches are caused by human errors

How ESI can help

  • Conducting security audits to verify compliance with your corporate policies
  • Internal, external, web and physical penetration tests
  • Implementation of risk mitigation and data loss prevention tools

Organizations subject to different regulatory standards governing their industry must produce evidence to demonstrate that they meet the various mandatory compliance requirements. Some standards, such as ISO 27001, guarantee customers and suppliers that the organization has in place the processes ensuring information security. Others are legal requirements to do business in certain markets.


  • Obligation to comply with certain standards to do business abroad
  • Lack of expertise and knowledge of standards and steps to complete to comply


    • Open new potential markets
    • Meet requirements to maintain a clientele
    • Protect and improve the reputation of the company

98 % of respondents indicated that ISO 27001 has improved their information security

6 to 12 months: average duration of an ISO 27001 certification project

How ESI can help

  • Gap analysis between existing processes and those required by a standard
  • Internal audit to verify compliance between processes and requirements
  • Coaching in achieving certification

The inventiveness of hackers reaches new heights, and protecting enterprise assets must be part of your security strategies.


  • Obsolete security solutions in place
  • Inadequate protection against advanced threats
  • Difficulty of raising users’ awareness of the threats


  • Solution adapted to the inherent risks
  • Protection of critical assets
  • Reliability of solutions and scalability

Where do you stand?

  • Have your security solutions been in place for several years?
  • Have you noticed an increase in security breaches?
  • Are you aware of what is happening on your network?

92% of malware is still delivered by email

77% of attacks in 2017 have exploited software already installed

How ESI can help

  • Design and detailed architecture of on-site or cloud-based security solutions
  • Support in the selection of security solutions, components and software
  • Analysis of acquisition costs, security risks and assessment of the current situation
  • Equipment upgrade, troubleshooting and remediation to an IT system attack