A 360-Degree View of Your Cybersecurity

Plan your cybersecurity according to reliable practices focused on the highest standards of security. ESI offers a full range of cybersecurity services for both hosted infrastructure and IT services.

Where do you stand?

  • Do you have in-house security expertise?
  • Do you worry about what is happening on your network?
  • Do you believe that a firewall and antivirus are sufficient to protect your assets?
  • Do you have an up to date security policy?
  • Do you apply the patches and updates suggested by the manufacturers?
  • Do you know if your environment has been affected by viruses?

Your data is your most valuable asset. Securing them is at the heart of ESI’s mission.

Assessment of the security posture and security checks

Vulnerability assessment – Response to threats – Creation of security services

Behavioral monitoring to detect data exfiltration, fraud and ransomware

Internal Penetration Test – External Penetration Test –  Web application Penetration Test

Plan your cyberresilience

Monitor & Act