Penetration Testing

Penetration tests are considered the reference tool for security audits. ESI provides you with its team of security analysts to simulate realistic attacks and detect the strengths and weaknesses of your IT environment.


These tests will allow you to identify as many vulnerabilities as possible that could be exploited as well as probable scenarios that could compromise your information systems.

Where do you stand?

  • Do you have in-house security expertise?
  • Do you worry about what is happening on your network?
  • Do you believe that a firewall and antivirus are sufficient to protect your assets?
  • Do you have an up to date security policy?
  • Do you apply the patches and updates suggested by the manufacturers?
  • Do you know if your environment has been affected by viruses?

Your data is your most valuable asset. Securing them is at the heart of ESI’s mission.

Internal Pen Test

Simulates the attack of a malicious person internal to your information system. Several scenarios are imagined and defined according to your business context and the most probable situations: dissatisfied employee, economic intelligence, human error…

External Pen Test

Simulates the behaviour of a malicious third party without prior knowledge of your information system, trying to access or divert sensitive information from the outside. We track vulnerable Internet servers, poorly configured network equipment, open messaging services…

Web Application Pen Test

Simulates the attack of a cybercriminal on your site or web applications. Our OWASP-based methodology will identify potential vulnerabilities and their impacts: attempted access to your network, interception of sensitive data or vandalism of your site.

Plan your cyberresilience

Monitor & Act



Wireless Pen Test

Analysis of your wireless networks and user behaviour to ensure their security. Listening to traffic followed by analysis, setting up malicious access points, evaluating the scope of your wireless networks…

Social Engineering Test

Analysis of human weaknesses that would facilitate remote or physical access to your company. Phishing and spear phishing campaigns, malicious calls, physical intrusion tests…

Customized Test

Penetration test specific to your needs so that your personal problem becomes a security advantage: intrusion test on CRM/ERP, firewall, VoIP system, log management, exfiltration of sensitive documents…