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“Around us unfold societal transformations, which take birth, more specifically transformations into information related to information technology. Depending on the different schools of thought, some are talking about digital transformation, dematerialization. The question is are they all referring to one same phenomenon?”

I want to
reduce operating costs and improve my agility
  • reduce operating costs and improve my agility
  • have corporate application mobility
  • better protect corporate assets and mitigate risks
  • gain business insights from my data
  • prepare for business and IT disruption
  • have better business to business integration
  • increase business process automation

What we 

ESI delivers integrated solutions to drive your digital transformation.

Often businesses want to initiate a digital transformation but don't know where to start or the best way to implement their plan. We can help you clarify your digital vision and strategy. Once your plan is complete, we will help you execute it faster and right the first time. Our Managed Services are there if you need help managing your new IT infrastructure.

Advise, design, integrate and manage
Professional Services

Helping our customers by delivering key technologies for specific parts of their business, in a timely manner.

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Managed Services

Managing daily operations of specialized technology components allowing you to focus on more strategic initiatives.

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Advice, design, implementation, support and selling of both software and hardware solutions.

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