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The ESI SOC: An investment to protect organizations’ assets

Cybercriminals continue to develop new ways to compromise systems and networks. Attacks are becoming more complex and exhibiting sophisticated capabilities. Organizations must invest in preventive measures and develop intelligent, integrated monitoring capabilities, incorporated into incident response and digital forensics programs, to address the ever-changing attack landscape. To this end, the primary objective of the ESI SOC is to help protect customer assets. These assets include, but are not limited to, hardware, intellectual property, processes, and people.  

ESI’s SOC service helps meet ISO 27001, SOC 2, PCI, and GDPR standards or other legislation with which companies may need to comply, providing: 

  • Centralized visibility  

  • Rapid anomaly detection and expert verification  

  • Security incident management 

  • Remediation to eliminate threats  

  • Dark/Deep Web monitoring to prevent information theft 

  • Training and awareness programs for employees to increase their vigilance and better prevent attacks 

  • Monthly reports presented by our experts 

« The ESI SOC provides the ability to detect and investigate events, identify potential security incidents, and respond to those incidents when they occur. »

To effectively deliver our services, ESI requires skilled people, effective support processes, and well-deployed and managed technology: 


  • A seasoned team that continuously monitors and develops its expertise. 

  • Dedicated resources for threat detection, intelligence gathering, research and analysis. 


  • Incident triage, analysis, reporting and closure 

  • Post-incident support 

  • Vulnerability discovery and remediation 

  • Threat discovery and remediation 


  • Security incident and event monitoring using QRadar/QRoC 

  • Endpoint protection using CrowdStrike 

  • Vulnerability assessment and tracking using Qualys 

  • Threat Intelligence using X-Force, open-source 

  • Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence 

  • Event and flow collection, correlation, and analysis 

ESI’s SOC service enables you to be proactive and react faster to events to better protect your assets and data. Don’t let the complexity of information security slow your growth. Take advantage of our team’s cybersecurity expertise so you can focus on your company’s growth projects. 

Ditmar Tavares, SOC Manager