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The perfect project management tool

Firstly, close collaboration between teammates, as well as the use of a unique method and process, reveal the level of maturity of the group.

Up-to-date information on the work done and the work remaining makes it possible to establish the already accomplished tasks, as well as the remaining ones. It is also important to plan for what is to come; many organizations do not reach the first stage.

It is important to have well-defined roles where the resource determines the remaining tasks daily, where the team leader ensures that the resource is working on the right task at the right time, and where the project manager validates that the assigned roles are being respected.

« The perfect project management tool does not exist. It is essential to address the human aspects before talking about the outcomes or the agility. »

A plan with the right level of detail allows you to have a fair idea of ​​the future of the project and to make the right decisions regarding quality, costs, and scope.

In short, the choice of tool is secondary when all these preliminary activities have been carried out correctly!

Yvon Lemay – Director of Project Management Practice