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Do you have a Business Continuity Plan?


The recent transformation of the work environment is the perfect opportunity to develop your plan!


Bill 64: are you ready?


The new Bill 64 will significantly change the privacy obligations of businesses. Be proactive and prepare for its adoption!

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Cybersecurity monitoring services


Need help ensuring the security of your networks and systems? Contact our monitoring services!

Business-Driven IT

Digital transformation is forcing companies to change their traditional ways to increase their agility. IT needs to be brought closer to lines of business that innovate to meet rapid time-to-market requirements in order to remain competitive.

Innovation accounts for only 20% of the IT expenses

Modernizing IT

Technological silos which are the lot of traditional data center architectures lead to inefficiencies in terms of human and material resources. Pooling of resources through converged and hyperconverged solutions optimizes equipment use, increases performance, reduces operating costs, while reducing provisioning and build times.

Utilization rate of equipment is of the order of 20% to 30% in traditional architecture

Securing Your Data

Big Data and the Internet of Things have compounded the complexity of optimal data security. Organizations need to rethink their security efforts to face the ever increasing number of compromised records and valuable information, without mentioning application availability.

More than 80% of CIOs fear that breaches to corporate records go unaddressed

Call in Our Experts

As a reference and leader in the fields of datacenter design and deployment, storage and virtualization solutions integration, ESI applies its expertise to ensure the security, availability and efficient management of clients’ data and the cost-effective control of its growth.

80% of companies lack resources to update their infrastructure

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Top 10 most common security mistakes businesses make
Top 10 most common security mistakes businesses make
Five steps to Digital transformation
Five steps to Digital transformation
The Road to HCI
The Road to HCI


The business model of the financial sector is in turmoil: to adapt to new and more agile competitors, it is necessary to be bold to maintain market share, and new players must have systems in place to achieve levels of availability and security worthy of the criticality of the information they hold to better compete with established companies.

People’s safety, mobility, logistics and the analysis of connected objects within century-old technologies are at the heart of the challenges facing the transportation sector in the 21st century.

Consumption patterns are changing, users demand personalized content that is accessible everywhere. The communications and services sector must adapt to international competition that is not subject to the same regulatory constraints.

Protection of facilities, continuous service, anticipation and curbing of demand to improve customer experience by modeling smart-meter data, this highly regulated industry must leverage its extensive networks to consolidate data and meet compliance requirements.

Public sector needs to go beyond digitizing existing processes and services, to harness the power of digital technologies and data to fundamentally re-imagine and transform the business models of government.

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