Data Center Migration

Client: Financial Institution

The client, whose IT services are provided by a large multinational outsourcer, needed to close one data center and move it to another due to a change in supplier.

Due to the nature of its business and the confidentiality of its data, security, integrity and availability issues were at the heart of the client’s concerns.

In addition to the migration, the client’s equipment had to be upgraded (modernization and automation) and the outsourcer had to set up the infrastructure to accommodate the end-customer’s data.

Since the virtualization technologies used were new, some activities had to be performed outside of business hours so as not to affect the systems in production.


  • Migration of critical and confidential information
  • Very short time frame to complete the migration without impacting users
  • Several different teams had to work together between ESI, the outsourcer and the end client
  • Some of the systems to be migrated were not in production

Our contribution

This critical project for the end customer required close collaboration between the various stakeholders involved. ESI’s delivery team contributed several areas of expertise: virtualization, storage, and backup.

In order to meet deadlines and share information, ESI organized several joint planning sessions beforehand to ensure that all aspects of the migration were taken into account and to better anticipate problems. This preparation allowed the teams to have alternative solutions in case of problems.


Advisory Services
Back-up Strategy
Storage Architecture


The contribution of several expertises allowed a better overview and good planning. The project was carried out without exceeding the budget and respecting the schedule to the great satisfaction of the customer.