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A north American company with offices in Montréal, Toronto, Quebec City, and St. Paul, MN, ESI’s focus is digital resilience, cybersecurity and cloud-based solutions & architectures.

Each division of ESI fulfills a specialization that enhances our ability to offer true end-to-end, secure digital transformation; each individual team member’s talent and dedication gains the trust of our clients.

For three decades, ESI has recruited and trained the best in the industry. Team members benefit from our focus on development, sound advice and coaching, and extensive knowledge & experience across the ESI Family of Companies from which they learn and grow through collaboration.

Our Values

To achieve our vision, we surround ourselves with quality team members who possess cutting-edge information technology expertise and share the values on which ESI was built:

we respect
We Respect

We give and gain respect with honesty, transparency and accountability.

we align
We Align

We align our goals toward a common vision; efficiency & teamwork get us there.

we lead
We Lead

We innovate solutions we can deliver with excellence, leading clients to success.

we adapt
We Adapt

We celebrate creative ideas and maintain velocity by adapting to change.

we grow
We Grow

We cultivate talented and collaborative people who enable the excellence of others.

we give back
We Give Back

We are passionate about our employees, clients, and the communities we serve.

How Our Values Impact Our Team: Why Join ESI?

Our Culture

The spirit and life of SMB, with the professionalism and expertise of a large firm.

  • Quick decision-making with an easy access to management
  • Streamlined structure
  • Pool of accessible expertise to help you succeed and learn
  • Balance between professional and personal life
  • Team spirit and social events
  • RESPECT as our key value

Mobility & Flexibility

ESI allows you to ALIGN your career vision to our organization

  • Transfer between offices
  • Develop your career through our collective companies
  • Ability to switch between departments within the company to best fit your career objectives
  • Work from home, abroad or anywhere a project takes you (in accordance with project requirements)


We’re growing! ESI’s ability to ADAPT in an ever-changing technology landscape produces strong, year over year growth.

  • Continuous organic and acquisition-driven growth
  • 450+ people today vs. 200 people 2 years ago
  • Generous new employee / colleague referral bonus plan to bring teammates on board that share our values.
  • Referral programs apply to subcontractors, clients and acquisitions. We reward others for helping us grow together!


Our collective experience, expertise and success in secure digital transformation offers employees an innovate environment in which to succeed. WE LEAD.

  • Extensive service offerings
  • Diversity of mandates, projects, and tech environments (access to labs, most virtual)
  • Medium to large-scale clients with diverse technological challenges and complexity
  • Variety of industries: Financial, Insurance, Energy and Utilities, Media and Telecom, Government, Education, Healthcare and more
  • Geographic scope: Mainly in Canada, but also USA and Europe
  • Never feel alone in front of the customer: ESI colleagues at hand to exchange/help and often team projects.
  • Motivating internal projects / R&D

Career and Knowledge Incubator

You are our best asset; we invest in you and help you. WE GROW. WE GIVE BACK.

  • A real career plan adapted to your professional aspirations and your pace
  • Tailored training plans and career path support
  • Training allowance plan to allow you to build your own development plan
  • Training provided by manufacturers, educational institutions, and online training platforms
  • Paid technical and professional certifications
  • Access to conferences, industry analyst information and early exposure to new markets and new technologies from here and abroad
  • Shadowing/mentoring program for confident career growth
  • Enablement to create, contribute and publish content under your name with visibility through our partners, clients and our social platforms

"I started my career at ESI in 2019 in the position of Sales Assistant. Over time, I have gained more responsibility and am now responsible for the renewals desk and the bidding desk, as well as helping with event coordination with the marketing team. I enjoy the fact that my tasks require autonomy while allowing me to maintain relationships with my colleagues and our clients. Thanks to ESI, I have greatly improved my English, developed my customer service skills and mastered several digital tools. I appreciate the corporate culture at ESI which promotes teamwork and work-life balance, a lot of socialization between colleagues and leaders who trust and value the work of their employees. I have learned a lot in the past 2 years and I am grateful to ESI for the opportunities I have been given to advance my career!"

“I first came to know ESI as a client during my employment with a large public organization. In April 2018, I chose ESI to develop a greater sense of belonging and impact on common goals. I also felt that ESI was a dynamic company with big plans for me, and I was not wrong! Hired as a Senior Consultant for NetApp products, my role has evolved and in addition to meeting with customers and carrying out solution design mandates, I am also involved in creating technical content for our many events. My tasks and mandates are diverse, which is very stimulating! I have learned how to get involved in the technology consulting environment and to develop my customer relations skills. ESI's management encourages the development of its employees and gives us the latitude to navigate through our tasks, while paying attention to our needs and professional goals.”

I have been a business analyst and management consultant at ESI for almost 4 years. I support client managers with their processes and performance indicators. When I am able to deliver quality projects and clients are satisfied, it is very rewarding. The long life of the projects allows us to add real value to our clients. With the support of my manager, I have gone through new training and certifications, and I am also responsible for an intern who is teaching me a lot. ESI gives us latitude and flexibility in our work, and I feel valued. Despite telecommuting, we still have a strong relationship with the company. The work culture at ESI is family oriented, close-knit and fun.

As a Solutions Architect for 11 years at ESI, my role implies engaging with customers and understanding their challenges. I enjoy solving business problems using technology. I do a little bit of presales and post-sales as well. I’ve been able to help the professional services evolve within the Toronto market. Even though my role hasn’t necessarily changed, our customer needs have changed. I have helped ESI understand the changes in customer wants, with new solutions we can offer them. I have also gained a lot of new skills since I’ve been at ESI. I would say a mix of training, projects, solution development and one on one interaction with customers and vendors. ESI is a customer-friendly and employee-friendly place to be! We don’t sell products to customers; we sell solutions which we develop jointly with them. So really, it’s the ability to work with customers as a trusted advisor. We are a big family, a collaborative team. We work together, as a tight unit and we look out for one another. Everyone has a different job and a different skill set but everyone is equal. 

I had to find a graduate internship quickly in March 2018. My technical support internship has quietly evolved into a full-time position. I now work as a junior business analyst. I analyze how my client or a dedicated team is working and then turn around how they are working to enable the client to achieve their desired goals. It's a mix between analysis, consulting and business management. I enjoy proposing solutions to clients' problems. I like the fact that the nature of my tasks is now more organizational than technical. I have learned a lot about restructuring and reorganizing departments, implementing new tools and managing mandates effectively. The atmosphere at ESI is very family oriented and welcoming. You quickly feel at ease within the company, and there is a team spirit that is very present, regardless of the hierarchical level of the employees. Everyone appreciates each other's different strengths and abilities. 

"I started my career at ESI as a Consultant and Technology Architect in 2010. The mandates at ESI are diversified, so I've been able to touch on various technologies, which has allowed me to keep my generalist side and stay up-to-date at the same time - the best of both worlds! In my current position, I manage the cloud practice and the associated team, meet with clients, write service offerings, and handle relationships with our partners. Helping others develop their skills, supporting them and guiding them in their career path is one of the most rewarding aspects of my job. The team spirit, accessibility and ease of communication between colleagues is a strong point in the company's culture. Despite working remotely, the communication and integration of our various offices is very good, as our technological tools bring us closer together even though we don't live in the same city or province. There is a great sense of family at ESI. This feeling is as much with the senior management team as it is among colleagues. We feel comfortable sharing our opinions and ideas. It's a dynamic that I try to replicate within my own team."

"When I joined ESI in December 2018, I didn't know much about the technology industry, and it was a field I wanted to learn about. When I first started, I was a Project Coordinator in the Quebec City office, and I was mainly involved in placements. I began to manage cybersecurity projects and I also handle the implementation activities of clients who subscribe to our managed cybersecurity services (SOC). The next step will be to send me on client engagements! What I like most about my role is the variety: context, deadlines and objectives in the various projects. I always have new challenges to face. I also feel like I have more decision-making power and broader relationships than in a large company. What I appreciate most at ESI is the family and human culture and the close relationship between employees, fostered by a social club that organizes activities to strengthen our team cohesion. I feel valued and appreciated. I have the opportunity to do all sorts of things, to grow and pursue my goals and career plans with the help of my superiors and colleagues!"

"I started at ESI as a junior technician and was quickly assigned to a major data protection project where I joined a team of ESI specialists.I had no experience in the field of data protection, but I was supported by my ESI colleagues who transferred their knowledge and expertise. ESI also has a lab at our disposal so we can continually improve our expertise in a rapidly evolving field.It is thanks to the company's culture of mentoring and the skills of its professional services that today, 6 years later, I now am a senior data protection specialist, and that it is now my turn to pass on my expertise to new ESI employees."

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Knowledge & Career Incubator


Our team of experts masters a set of field-tested techniques and has the expertise that allows them to excel in their daily tasks for our clients.

Soft skills

Over time, the ESI team has adopted behaviors and adapted them to specific situations by cultivating the proactive listening of clients in order to truly meet their needs.


We never stop learning. ESI understands this. ESI promotes continuous learning of new techniques, new concepts and better behaviors to adopt in order to increase our knowledge in our various fields of expertise.

As a Knowledge & Career Incubator, ESI is proud to contribute to the professional development of its employees by investing continuously in training, coaching and mentorship to help them grow!

Employee Satisfaction

Top 3 most satisfying changes in recent years

#1Teleworking Policy
#2$800 Health Spending Account
#3$400 Teleworking Allowance

Satisfied with the working environment


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Satisfied with the work/life balance


Feel treated with respect

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