Implementation of NSX

Client: Teranet
Teranet is Canada’s leading provider of statutory registration services and has extensive expertise in the land and commercial sectors. Its innovative business solutions connect government, business and consumers through the delivery and transformation of registration services, data solutions and electronic delivery, while maintaining the highest standards of reliability and integrity.


  • To effectively secure a new, fully virtualized application in a microsegmented environment

Our contribution

As a long-time partner of Teranet, ESI’s approach was based on a design and architecture process to ensure that the application installation was tailored to the client.

ESI met several times with the Teranet team to better understand the challenges they faced and to assess how best to address them. ESI gained access to the client’s storage and computer network to collect data for a thorough evaluation.

This assessment determined that securing the virtual application was very important. When looking at microsegmentation options (firewalls around each server) as the optimal solution, VMware NSX was the right path to meet Teranet’s needs.

This network virtualization platform is capable of operating independently of the underlying physical topology. Entire networks can be created, moved, snapped or deleted with the same operational model as a virtual machine.


Strategic Consulting
Virtualization Solution
Solution Integration


Information monitoring to ensure a comprehensive view of network and security functions. Networking decoupled from the physical device, and integrated directly into the hypervisor to gain performance. Networking and security positioned to see the physical network and virtual environment, enabling dynamic and context-sensitive decisions to be made or automated. Functionality distributed throughout the data center, where networking and security are available, enforceable, and adaptable anywhere in the environment.