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DAZZM Launches No-code Enterprise Application Development Platform, Transforming the Way Software Solutions are Created

dazzm launches no code enterprise appliation

With the release of their accelerated development platform aimed at organizations with in-house development teams, Canadian company Octopus-ITSM becomes DAZZM.

MONTREAL, May 8, 2023 /CNW/ -DAZZM, a no-code development platform provider announces the launch of their new company name and platform for the accelerated creation of enterprise applications. Focused on hyper-agility and exceptional user experiences, the company is excited to bring its game-changing platform to the Canadian market.

The DAZZM platform allows developers and non-developers to create enterprise-grade applications with unparalleled speed and ease at a fraction of the usual cost. Their agile approach to software development eliminates the inherent complexities of traditional development allowing IT and development teams to replace the use of programming with a single emerging technology. Enterprise applications designed and deployed with DAZZM can be entirely customized, always safeguarding security, governance and compliance.

With over 15 years of information technology service management (ITSM) expertise, DAZZM (formerly Octopus-ITSM) has established itself as an innovative, customer-focused organization poised to disrupt traditional software development.

“Transitioning from Octopus-ITSM to DAZZM is an important company milestone. It represents our evolution from solution provider to platform provider acting as an extension of the many rewarding years assisting companies navigate digital transformation. Leveraged by both software developers and citizen developers to create high-quality, beautifully engaging applications, DAZZM delivers positive business outcomes allowing companies to adapt to change with agility and resilience. We are eager to share DAZZM with the enterprise application development community.” said Pierre Lamoureux, President and Founder of DAZZM.

« We are eager to share DAZZM with the enterprise application development community.. »

“We partnered with DAZZM due to their agile approach, their experience in digital transformation and their no-code development platform which significantly accelerates solution creation,” adds Stéphane Dubuc, Clinical Relevance Activities Coordinator, CISSS de la Montérégie-Ouest (Integrated Health and Social Services Centre).

The urgency of digital transformation

As businesses face mounting pressure to accelerate their digital transformation efforts in response to rapidly evolving market conditions, the need for a fast, efficient, and accessible solution has never been more pressing. With the DAZZM no-code platform, organizations can bridge the gap between digital transformation goals and the ability to execute them quickly and effectively, unlocking unprecedented agility and ensuring they remain competitive in today’s dynamic marketplace.

About the company

DAZZM is building and nurturing a worldwide movement transforming software development from traditional – cumbersome, time-consuming, reserved for the few – towards an agile new era of no-code software creation that enables developers and non-developers to rapidly create beautiful, engaging, high-quality enterprise applications. By crafting memorable experiences across every touchpoint, DAZZM delivers freedom to morph every business opportunity and creative idea into exceptional and profitable outcomes. Focused on digital process transformation, DAZZM has successfully delivered more than 500 workflow automation solutions for IT and other service departments over the past 15 years, expanding its reach across North America and Europe.

Every experience starts with DAZZM. Visit us at www.dazzm.com.