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ESI Technologies brings together it Cybersecurity Services & Solutions portfolio under one group, Virtual Guardian

Montreal, September 27, 2021 – ESI Technologies is proud to announce the regrouping of its portfolio of cybersecurity services and solutions under the Virtual Guardian brand, which has been known and respected for over 15 years. Virtual Guardian illustrates our focus on providing a clear and effective 360 degree protection. Our technical experts and professional services team work in tandem with our 24/7 SOC operated by seasoned cybersecurity specialists. The launch of the new Virtual Guardian website illustrates our commitment to align client business requirements with the current security challenges organizations are facing as they transform further digitally.

At ESI, we recognize that IT environment’s growing complexity can no longer be protected only with perimeter based security controls. “Security teams in Canada are dealing with ‘alert overload’ as organizations expand threat monitoring to add intelligence sources like threat intelligence, NetFlow data, endpoint telemetry and more. 48% of Canadian IT decision makers indicate that they struggle to even investigate all the highest priority events“, says Yogesh Shivhare, lead cybersecurity analyst at IDC Canada. Skills shortage is an ongoing concern for many organizations. 

While cybersecurity should be at the core of every organization’s concerns, most companies are looking for the expertise of a Managed Security Service Provider to help them address the challenges brought by the evolving business landscape that has taken a new toll with the increase of remote work, addition of endpoints and global requirements that accelerate time to market” said Greg Rokos, CEO of ESI Technologies. “Customers are looking for a trusted contributor that can provide them with all the security services and solutions under one roof, while leveraging the knowledge of our professional services teams to improve their organization’s security posture and the global awareness of their workforce. Virtual Guardian will support them in identifying, protecting and responding to the ever changing threat landscape.” 

"According to IDC, 57% of Canadian decision makers indicate that their security services provider delivers and maintains a much better security posture for their organization than they could on their own."

About Virtual Guardian

Virtual Guardian provides cybersecurity solutions, services and products to organizations ensuring digital assets and systems are protected against internal and external threats. Virtual Guardian is a wholly-owned subsidiary of ESI Technologies with over 100 highly responsive and experienced professionals with a range of capabilities as a one-stop-shop cybersecurity organization. www.virtualguardian.ca

About ESI Technologies

ESI Technologies facilitates business agility and innovation by providing solutions to integrate, connect, manage and protect their data for a tangible competitive advantage in a constantly evolving market. By combining its technological expertise in IT modernization and digital resilience with its extensive understanding of business challenges, ESI supports the digital transformation of North American organizations. Based in Montréal, ESI also has offices in Québec City, Toronto and in the United States through its subsidiary Civatree.