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June 6, 2022, Toronto Ontario, Canada – ESI Information Technologies, a leader in business-driven data transformation, announces the debut of a new online video series, The ESI News Network, which features ESI conducting one-to-one interviews of peers who share real experiences around current trends in the ever-evolving IT industry.  

“It’s amazing how rapidly technology evolves today and how difficult it is to keep ahead of the demand to stay current and secure,” says ESI VP and ENN’s host, Brian McColl. “We started ENN to share our customers’ and partners’ experiences with the intent to reduce the complexity and also show that they are not alone with the challenges today.”

Several episodes of ENN were filmed during the Covid pandemic and are now ready for release to the public. Episodes will appear (in English language only) monthly on ESI’s YouTube channel. The first episode features Bashir Fancy, President/CEO/Founder of Business and Technology Professionals Association of Canada, or BIZTEK, on the topic of Root Cause Analysis. Other completed episodes include Workspace Mobility and Tokenization.

View Episode 1 here: https://youtu.be/negFQ-PHUHU

Unlike ESI’s Cybersecurity Series “Behind the Shield” which is hosted by its cybersecurity division Virtual Guardian, focusing exclusively on cybersecurity hot topics, ENN focuses more broadly on the full spectrum of end-to-end digital transformation and any IT topics relevant to their customers.

“Besides strong content, what’s compelling about ENN is the format. It’s a refreshing change of pace from reading blogs and whitepapers – a short capsule of compelling and insightful content delivered in an open and candid conversational format. It’s a great ‘grab a cup of coffee and enjoy’ activity,” says Patrick Naoum, P. Eng., Executive VP – Chief, Strategic Consulting & Emerging Practices. “I’m looking forward to new episodes currently in pre-production.”

Future topics will include Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC), Observability, Fraud in the financial system, Dev Ops/Automation, and Women in IT. Guests will range from ESI friends and partners to actual customers, and topic ideas are expected to grow based on what researchers read and hear concerns from the IT community.

About ESI Information Technologies

Since 1994, ESI’s focus has always been data management and protection. Today through its family of companies, ESI Technologies provides advice, design, integration and management of cybersecurity, cloud and digital resilience solutions. ESI supports the digital transformation of North American organizations through Miami-based Civatree Technologies, St. Paul (Minnesota)-based NaviLogic, Toronto-based Solsys, and Montreal-based Virtual Guardian. Headquartered in Montreal, ESI has offices throughout Canada and the United States. www.esitechnologies.com