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NetApp Keystone: the best of both worlds

Marc is the IT Manager for his company. He is responsible for the cloud migration initiative. The project has been underway for a few months, and Marc has to face the fact that it may not be as easy as he thought. He panics. The company’s internal infrastructure is aging and its storage equipment, the core of its IT services, has only a 12 month lifespan left. He’s beginning to think that the cloud migration won’t be complete by then. Like any good manager, he is looking for a plan B to take some pressure off his shoulders. The company’s financial means are limited. This is where NetApp’s Keystone program can help.

What is Keystone? 

NetApp’s Keystone program allows you to rent storage space for a specific period of time. The lease fee covers everything from upfront analysis to implementation and support for the duration of the lease. Also, not only does Keystone allow you to rent disk space, but it also offers you to manage it, which is very relevant in a context of limited IT workforce.

" The program si based on a pay-as-you-go approach to the cloud and offers a variety of payment options. Such an approch reduces financial risk, gives momentum to a cloud migration an positions the enterprise in a hybrid cloud mode. "

A flexible program

NetApp’s Keystone program is flexible: the minimum commitment is only one year. The minimum amount of storage is also very flexible: from 15 TB to 50 TB depending on the level of performance you want. If you exceed your leased capacity, you won’t be penalized if it’s less than an additional 20% over your initial capacity.

Powerful lever for your migration to cloud computing

Once in place, this storage rental will allow you to kill two birds with one stone. Not only will you save time, you’ll be stepping into a rich ecosystem of data protection and optimization services for which NetApp is known. Add to that data mobility. With powerful data replication services included in the solution, you can easily migrate data to the cloud. This mobility will allow data to follow the movement of workloads as they are migrated to the cloud.

A winning formula

As you can see, Keystone is a disk space consumption program modeled after cloud computing but with an on-premise implementation. Its flexibility and minimum commitment requirements make Keystone an interesting program for companies that are committed to a digital transformation over long periods of time. Talk to your ESI representative today about how NetApp’s Keystone could play a key role in your digital transformation initiatives.